Find Out What The Shape of Your Nails Reveals About Your Personality!

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1. Long and vertical
You’re a romanticist and likely have quite a temper. But you are also creative, which gives you a very strong imagination. You’re meticulous, but unfortunately often too influenced by your surroundings. You also have great attention to detail and often spot little things no one else takes notice of. One of your best attributes is how easy you make friends! You seem to get along with just about anybody.

2. Wide and short
You’re a theorist with a short temper. One of your defining attributes is your clear-cut attitude, you love being straightforward and telling the truth. Sometimes this can be uncomfortable for the people around you. You are often considered intelligent and trustworthy, which makes many people seek your advice. Everyone knows you will give them a straight and truthful answer.

3 & 4. Round nails (egg-shaped)
You are a great guy to hang out with. People love you for being laid-back and peaceful. You are usually happy and in harmony with your surroundings. That being said, you are also known for preferring to do things in your own way. You don’t simply follow the crowd, instead, you use your own logic to make sensible decisions. Emotions rarely get the best of you which gives you great stability and makes you perfectly suited for long-term friendships.

5. Square-shaped

You have plenty of perseverance and guts, which makes you a great leader. Your personality is a mix of your serious attitude in public and a certain playfulness that you only display to the people close to you. It takes some time for you to warm up to people that you don’t know. That being said, you keep your circle of friends and family close to you at all times.

6 & 7. Triangle-shaped
People that have nails in a triangular or inverted triangle shape are usually known for being incredibly genius and intelligent. Not only that, but they are also known for their perfectionism and innovativeness which makes them regularly come up with fantastic ideas no one else seemed to have thought about. You often fascinate people by how fast you are when dealing with everyday issues, as you are often several steps ahead of everyone else.

8. Almond-shaped
You are a very social person who is known for being faithful, honest and friendly towards everybody. You have a great talent for communicating with people in just the right way. You are polite and courteous, but if you really need to, you can also be firm in your demands. People with almond-shaped nails are often known for having a lot of friends as they are simply a joy to be around. People often feel very comfortable and happy when spending time with you.

9. Sword-shaped
You’re very ambitious and hard-working. Goals are what you focus on and in order to reach them, you have no problem putting in hard work and effort. To reach your ambitions you are able to leave your comfort zone and learn new things on the go. Your hard work is often contagious and motivating for the people around you, which makes you an ideal person to spend your professional life with. Despite your hard work you have a well-rounded personality that offers a lot of stability for the people around you.

How did you find the personality test? Did your personality match your fingerprint?

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