This 96-year-old Lady Is Selling Her House. It Looks Absolutely Unbelievable On The Inside!

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Every Room Has Its Unique Flair

The lady must have spent an incredible amount of money and time designing the interior of her home. All of the rooms are lavishly decorated and not only that, but each of them also has its very own design theme. The house features antique artworks, plush furniture and even a pastel-colored living room.

The Bathroom

The bathroom is dominated by a huge mirror and pink hues, giving it a really aristocratic flair. The combination of white tiles and gold accents is very tasteful and luxurious. Needless to say, the future owner will enjoy the comfortable bathtub. Great for relaxation. Everything is spotlessly clean and in perfect condition.

The Cellar

The basement has a very different design than the rest of the house. Instead of luxury, it feels a lot more like a rustic salon. It seems to be perfect for a large party or a family gathering as it is equipped with a fully functional bar and plenty of space for dancing. We are sure the lady held plenty of exciting parties here.

The Hallway

The hallway is a perfect example of the feminine, intricate interior design of the home. Even though it is quite small in size, it is clear that the owner has made the most of the limited space. The tapestry goes well with the railing of the staircase and the lovely side table seems like a very welcoming place to take a rest. It might even be suitable for an afternoon tea.

Pretty In Pink

There can be no doubt about the lady’s color preference. Pink can be found in almost every room and this little sitting area is no exception. There are not just pink flowers and pink curtains but even a pink corner bench! The room looks perfect for a meet-up amongst ladies and is very inviting for some lovely conservations. Obviously, this also looks like the perfect place to serve tea or coffee and have some biscuits.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is surprisingly large and offers modern appliances. Unlike the rest of the house, the kitchen seems rather practical and is not as richly decorated. Similar to other rooms, there are plenty of flowery curtains and a slight hue of pink. There is no doubt this kitchen is perfectly suited for some serious family cooking, a great combination of style and practicality.

The Master Bedroom

The master bedroom can only be described as a truly royal experience. It features a royal purple carpet and cream-colored furniture. No one would be surprised if this lovely room was used as a requisite to film a movie about the homes of the royal family. The master bedroom feels opulent and classy, while still offering a definitive sense of relaxation and tranquility. As with most of the other rooms, the decorations are very feminine, making it a perfect example of the lady’s preferences.

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