Try Putting Onions Under Your Feet When Going To Bed And See What Happens! You Will Be Thankful Forever!

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7. The common cold

Catching a cold is a very common problem. Especially unstable weather is a real risk factor for falling ill. If you are surrounded by many people during your workdays, you are also very much at risk of being infected by your co-workers. Suffering from a common cold is not life-threatening, that being said, the symptoms are usually very unpleasant. One of the best ways to alleviate some of the unpleasant symptoms is to place an onion in your sock just before going to bed. The onion will help to strengthen your body overnight and in the next morning, you might already feel a lot better!

Previous generations knew this trick. Placing onions in pillow cases was a common practice only a few decades ago. Our bodies are still the same. The trick still works, so try it out!

Check out this interesting video to discover other helpful ways to use onions.

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