Try Putting Onions Under Your Feet When Going To Bed And See What Happens! You Will Be Thankful Forever!

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3. Immune system

Onions boost the immune system! This is a scientifically proven fact. Onions contain both Vitamin E and C and both of these vitamins are vital for our immune system. Vitamin E and C also serve as powerful antioxidants and are even believed to have anti-aging effects making the onion a real multi-talent! How can a vegetable that offers protection against aging and boost to your immune system not be considered an absolute superfood! It might be time to rethink the purchase of expensive creams and just chose some cheap onions instead!

2. Lose weight

Onions are believed to stimulate the thyroid gland which is, in turn, a very important organ for weight loss. The reason for that is that the thyroid gland is essential for the right hormonal balance in your body. Many of the hormones it secretes can be connected to the number of calories your body burns during the night. So why not try sleeping with an onion under your feet for a week and see if your weight changes? Please keep in mind that you should contact a doctor immediately if you suspect something might be wrong with your thyroid gland.

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